I always love the first day of school. I mean Emma wakes up like it’s Christmas morning. Bad news is that by Friday I’ll be dragging her out of bed. Big day for our wonderful second grader. How did that happen? And get this… no need to walk her in on her first day. She’s got that one covered. She had to take a bag in to tell a few things about herself….

Favorite Color: Light Blue

Favorite thing she did this summer: Go to Camps with dad.

Favorite Snack: The kit kat bar she gets delivered every day from her great papa while he is on his walk.

For me, I think lots of my memories I can remember started around second grade. Before she walked out the door we took our pictures and then Dave and I prayed for her. That she would have a great year of learning (she has some wonderful Godly teachers) and that God would bless her friendships.

The Happy Second Grader…

With mom…

With Dad (sorry babe!) I know you are still asleep!