Last week we went back to where it all began.  Palm Beach Atlantic University (or college) in my day.  Dave had a Student Life camp on campus and we decided to take our two youngest on a long road trip back to where it all began.  On the last day we were sitting at a light right outside of Sprinkles enjoying the view when Dave said, “back then, would you ever had pictured our life like it is today?”  It was a good question.  I don’t think back in the day I had any clue as to what roads we would walk together.  I mean after Mango Prom… what really could be next?

So while Dave was very busy doing this….

I was busy catching up with college roommates.  It had been 13 years since Jill and I had seen each other last.  What a joy to spend a few hours with our children at the Park.

And there were a lot of children.  I think that is the thing about the passing of time that is always so clear to me.  I always feel time when I see friends kids.  Take a look at this crew.  Thanks Jill, Gina, Shelly and Julie for taking time to come and see us.  I’m sad I forgot my camera and did not get more pictures!

It really was therapeutic to go back.  And the kids… they were fabulous travelers.  They were stellar during our 10 hr drive home.   Not one cry or arguing or whining.  I think we have some road travelers on our hands.