I”ve had this reoccurring picture that comes to my mind at least a few times a day.  It started a few weeks ago and I told Dave about it.  I envision our family at the pool.  We’ve got Jeff Hall there the photographer extraordinaire.  I’m wanting another family picture.  Just one.  I’m hoping he can catch the moment. 

So there we are standing at the edge of the pool.  All 5 of us holding hands.  Our backs are to Jeff and he is behind us on call with his finger on the button of the camera.

And before I tell him were ready I look down the line. 

Emma – So confident.  The thrill of today brought much excitement.  She’s loving we are all there holding hands.  She’s a bit impatient but laughing too.

Izzie – She’s scared.  The fact is that she’s never jumped into the pool without someone catching her.  But she’s next to me holding my hand.  I’m planning on pulling her in.  She’s with me so I’ll make sure I grab her as soon as we are in the pool.

Dave – This is what he does.  He’s talked about these moments  for years.  He has challenged people but he’s not telling them to do something that he has not or does not continue to do.  It’s another moment for him. 

Frankie – He’s about to jump in already.  Dave is holding him back.  He’s full of life and loves the pool.  He’s impatient as I keep telling him he has to wait.

And then there’s me.  I’m just waiting for the moment to come….  I have no idea how the picture will turn out.  We just have one shot at it.  I’m praying Jeff get’s the shot.

“OK” I shout as I look down the line.  “Are you all ready?”  I hear a bunch of Yes and then Izzie starts her whining and crying.  “OK, here we go..” 

And our family Jumps!  Did we capture the moment?  I’m still not sure.  But as I start wiping the mascara that is dripping down my eyes and start to look around, I see so many people I know and love.  We are not the only ones who took the jump.  People of peace everywhere you look.  Many have gone before us.  Many will go after us.  But it’s our time now.  I really hope the picture turns out.