A few months ago a friend who has two twin boys contacted me about some things she was getting rid of to see if Frankie would want any of it.  People have been so generous with thinking of us and giving us things they think we could use.  In the items she gave us was a bunch of Toy Story stuff.  Buzz lightyear, buz gun, figurines, dress up like Buzz and then a sweet Jessie Doll.

Of course the kids did not know what they had until just this past month when the Toy Story 3 Came out.  With the release, they aired One and Two on TV so we have them and have been watching them.  The kids LOVE it and Saturday Dave took them to see Toy story 3. (I went along but happened to see a different movie.  Any guesses? )

So Jessie….  Yesterday Emma decided to write her name on Jessie’s boot in pen like the movie, claiming her. Sneaky Izzie found out and wiped it off and then scribbled her name on her.  Then through some upset tears they both agreed to each claim a boot.  So if you look again at the picture you can see what Emma as the leader decided to do.  Peace was had and now everyone is happy.

Still trying to figure out a life lesson to learn from this.  I think it’s probably loaded with things.