Back in the spring Dave and I were at the Wayfarer office talking about some grab bags for a golf tournament and what to give to the men that came as a thank you to their wives.  Lots of idea’s were floated around.  Then conversation turned to a candle? Out of the blue Dave said, “Wouldn’t it be great if we could get the perfume that Frankie’s mom left for him as a scent in the candle? Or better yet, just to have made for him?” And then it clicked for both of us right at the same time.  “That is it! I said”  He knew it too.  We had been praying about ways to continue to use our story to help others and raise awareness for orphans and Haiti and children in need.  But seriously we were at loss for what in the world do we do? In less than a few seconds it clicked.  An idea that grabbed our hearts.  Some way using the scent Frankie’s mom left to help others?  Maybe with a candle?

I immediately called a friend who is also passionate about helping others and we spent a week or so and dreamed up this possibly starting of a company and Dave made some contacts with a local candle company in Spartanburg to see if they would be able to help produce something like this for us. I debated contacting a group of ladies who have with me been praying about things we can do together to help bring awareness to Haiti etc. but I had no idea what to even tell them.  To be honest the idea of starting something like a non profit company at this point in our lives quickly faded.  It was a timing decision.  Maybe one day, but we really felt we received clarity of “not now.”  It sure was fun dreaming it up!    My friend and I have a pretty amazing plan filed away if we are ever called to go back to it.  BUT as Dave made his call, before Dave could even tell what he was about to ask about, the person on the other end said…. “I’m so glad you called because you were on my list to contact.”  And then this person goes on and presents an idea to our family about using Frankie’s story to help with … first drumroll please…..  orphans, feeding orphans, children in need living in other countries, awareness.  It’s one of those moments where you go… “Are you kidding me?” But he wasn’t and once again God continues to weave together the perfect road for our family to walk while meeting all of our personal desires and dreams.

SO….Second DRUM ROLL PLEASE….  This begins our journey to partner with an amazing organization to help use our story to share the story of other orphans.  To be included in the process of raising awareness for orphans all over the world who need one of the basic necessities of life… food.  We are humbled and honored.  So as our family starts to partner in this larger project, we are also in steps of working on  “Frankie’s Project”  that will weave into the story being told.  And of course I’d love to share the journey with you.  I have already begun volunteering my time and  doing whatever I can do to help in the process and road they are on. 

I’m still not allowed to reveal too much yet because things are still being developed.  But I have been given the green light to begin to start to share about this journey and the process.  So I’ll start Labeling these posts.. “Frankie’s Project”   

And I want to encourage you too.  Do you ever have that Gut feeling that you are supposed to do something but don’t have a clue about how it would or could ever happen?  Just wanted to encourage you today to hang in there.  Even though you may need to put aside those things because of the timing in your life or resources… don’t give it up.  Trust that the bigger plan will make it’s way known.  So much of my  own life story as it unfolds has happened that way and I know I’m not unique to that.  It is happening all around me in the lives of many people I get to meet. Our lives played out in a story with a master author penning it all with our help.