I have been on a Sabbath.  Today I wake up to this beautiful Sunday morning and reflect on what Sabbath really is.  A wise Britt recently said, “you work from rest, not rest from work.”  I think that is so true.  A few months ago my friend Courtney and I talked about planning a trip to her hometown in Washington, PA.  We circled a date on the calendar and got our husbands blessings and started looking forward to the trip.  Then this weekend came.  I knew it was a bad time to leave town.  Dave has been so busy and he’s in camp prep mode for the summer.  I felt bad for leaving for a long weekend but he assured me, “there is never a good time to take these kinds of trip so go and have a restful wonderful time.  It has lived up to EVERY expectation.

I’ve always wanted to come to Washington.  I’ve heard about it for YEARS.  And to be here and see where Courtney grew up and visit Pittsburgh has been simply amazing.  We are both morning people so we are up each morning with coffee in hand attempting rest.  It’s been wonderful.  When you are a mom and wife there is ALWAYS someone or something buying for your attention.  It’s good for us moms to intentionally get away even without the hubby’s and find some time to rest so that we can be the best at what we do.  We’ve rested for sure… AND we have eaten, and shopped, and walked and well…I’ve been treated like I’m from royalty. I hate to tell them I’m not! And thus there is so much more for a later time.  I’ve taken way too many pictures.

Oh Sabbath…