Mothers Day Weekend

Once  a year it’s nice to know there is a day that is in honor of you.  I love it.  This year I woke up early because I could not sleep.  Why is that?  I knew I had a free ticket to sleep as long as I wanted.  Instead I loved on my kids.  Made them muffins for breakfast and curled the girls hair before church.  We had a peaceful morning.  No rushing out the door.  The weekend was wonderful. My husband always goes out of his way to make me feel special and loved.  The kids do too.  It was such a special weekend for me.  No specific plans in place.  It started out a bit rough Saturday as Dave and I put in mulch around the house.  If you know us, you know it might be worth paying the extra bucks to have someone do it but I hate to roll that way so we struggled our way through the morning really showing our love for eachother.. The kids has a great time.

Then we turned the corner.  Headed to the Pool to ge the tone back on track.  And thus the rest of the weekend unfolds…

Evening at the pool

Impromptu cookout 

Fire Pit Conversations

Restful Sleep

Morning surprises from the kids

Worship with Family

Backyard Cookout

The Gift I bought myself a month ago… I mean that “Dave bought me a month ago”

a nap

a foot rub from my dad

a surprise of roses

a publix cake decorated by Emma

a family stroll to the park

a game of horse with the hubby (I never win)

baths and laughs

a girls trip to Pittsburg this weekend, after 14 years of always hearing about it

my children all together

So how was your mothers day weekend? Please do tell…..