First I’m thrilled with all of you letting me know what top 2 blogs you follow.  Dave is rolling his eyes as we sit on the couch and I obsessively look them up.  Amazing lives of women I read about tonight.  It really encourages me.  Keep em coming.  I need some fresh inspiration on my blog reader.

So I must share…  Izzie has had lots of questions about Jesus lately.  The whole concept of He’s real but I can’t see him is always interesting at this age.  I mean look at this girl.  You can see it in her eyes the wonder of life.  You should hear her laugh.  It warms your soul.

It started out with questions that came from Easter:

  • Mom I don’t want to die. I don’t want to be put in a cave with the stone.
  • I want to see Jesus.  Can he come take me to visit Heaven?

Then today the kids ere having a rough afternoon and I started my rant.  “You all need to think about the way you are treating each other.  And, you need to talk to Jesus and see what he tells you about how you have been treating each other.”  Izzie looks at me.  Mom, Jesus does not have a phone so I can’t call him.  Oh Izzie… you got me on that one! Ha!

It is funny at this age.  I mean we talk about Jesus being their best friend who is always there for them and who loves them which is all true but for a 3 year old they do not understand then why Jesus is not ringing the doorbell and coming over to play and chit chat. I laugh even now as I think of our friends little boy Eli who came in the house washing mud off of his eyes and announcing “I can see mom… I can see!

Although some days I wonder how I’ll make it through raising these kids, I at the same time cherish these conversations and keep them close to my heart.