Do you all go through weeks where you think… I have nothing blog worthy to say?  That has been me this week.  I should have a lot to catch up on.. especially Easter.  But the fact is I did not take one picture because we are struggling without a camera and so I feel sad I missed all those memories.  The reality is that at the end of the day I forget to snap the shots and then a whole lot of memories missed.  Gotta go get a camera. Dave’s phone is not cutting it.

Easter around this house was blissful.  It really was.  Dave had been on a two week away from traveling spurt and the family had gathered.  Once again we hosted the festivities.  Our home happens to be the best for entertaining and hosting  lots of kids so we always end up here.  The only yuck about that is that I’m still the kid and I feel like I’m becoming the matriarch of the family.  There are some times you just want to show up at “home” and have your mothers take care of you.  I made my grievances known to my mother and Debbie saying next holiday I can host but I’m not planning it.  Selfish I know but there is a reason we have mothers in our home structures.  I’m a mother but I’m not THE mother of this family! 

Easter morning was uneventful.  The Easter bunny came.  He brought all the kids a pair of Keen’s(love those shoes) for the summer and a few pieces of chocolate.  He also got some peeps which I hate.  I ended up throwing them away.  Too much sugar.  What was that Easter bunny thinking.

We attended church with my grandparents.  They have a great traditional church they attend.  It’s nice when you have spent so much time at contemporary churches to go back and sit in tradition.  Emma sat through the service with us.  I sat next to my grandmother.  There was no other place I would have rather been. 

Dinner was spent with family and dear friends.  There was a time when a large crowd invading my home sent me in a panic.  I’ve come such a long way in the way I view my home. If you know me at all you understand.  I so enjoyed the life and buzz of lots of people everywhere.  Dinner was fabulous because everyone brought a side and then we hunted Easter eggs with the kids.  Still mad I did not take pictures.  You should have seen Frankie’s face running and finding eggs.  Pure JOY.  It’s not often you get to see those moments.  I thought so much of Frankie that whole day.  It was our fist Holiday together.  One I never dreamed would have happened this year.  It did and I was in awe the whole day.

And me.  Well Easter means more than the Easter bunny and eggs to be found.  Even more than  family and friends gathering for fellowship and fun.  Without Easter, all I believe about life and God would be for not.  The reason we live our lives the way we do and wake up each morning with a different perspective is because I’ve been redeemed by Jesus who defeated death.  We live in such a messed up world.  Brokenness is promised because our world is broken.  Our lives are broken.  Sickness, death, hard times, struggles, unfairness, hurt, deception, narcissism, corruptness, greed…. are all expected in this life.  The only hope that I have is that I live to a different song.  That among those things that I will try everyday to experience is to in that mess attempt to walk in the spirits fruits of  love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, faithfulness and self control.   It’s really hard to do and I can’t do it along and fail misserably a lot.  And without Jesus it’s really is impossible.  So I”m thankful for Easter and what it personally means to me.   I just finished reading “The Song”… I really enjoyed it.  In the book Steve says, “Life is much like a song.  In the beginning there is mystery, in the end there is confirmation, but it’s in the middle where all the emotion resides to make the whole think worth while.”  Looking back at my life I just love that quote.  I’m still hopefully in the middle of my life.  I hope to have lots of years.  I know that is not guaranteed.  But looking at my life and the picture of it I just love the song that is being created. It’s far from perfect.  In fact it’s more messing and confusing melody’s lately.  But I still hold strong to the tune.  I mean look at this picture that the song in a small part represents…. It looks very different than some but oh so redeeming…