We’ve got friends in town and it’s really the first time I’ve looked at my computer in a few days.  We are having a great time.  It’s always a joy having friends come in but it’s also sad because you realize how much you miss them.  The joys of friends that live far away.  The house has been full of young life.  The kids all have been so good.  On Sunday we went to lunch with 14 kids and 7 adults.  You can see them all together down at the end…

They did GREAT by the way.  Today we took a field trip to Monkey Joes.  And once again the posse was in full throttle…

Life does not stop though… I’ve got so much stuff going on through this brain of mine, like

  • How Frankie surprised me more and more each day with how he is doing.  My friend Kristen wrote a post about Honeymoon interrupted.  Can I tell you how good it is to be feeling certain things and have someone on the other side of the coast in CA pen the same words.  I’m so not alone in all of our transition stuff and it’s HUGE!
  • This weekend the Greenville Figure Skating Club is doing a Fundraiser to Raise Money for Heartline in Haiti.  It’s HUGE!  Can’t wait to blog about it. 
  • Met a girl at Collide last night who came to introduce herself to me.  I’ve never met her.  She said she has been reading my blog for a while now and it was her first time at Collide.  It was an encouragement to me because sometimes I think it’s crazy to share so much of my journey on a blog and wondering if it even matters.  It does.  She seems like she has a great story too and I can’t wait to catch up on hers as well.  So much we can all learn from each other.  Lots of poeple have issues with people that blog but I’ve seen some amazing connections and community acted upon through them.  Good stuff!