Do you do things that you don’t tell your significant other about until they notice it or it just shows up?  I’m known to do that.  Dave will come home and half the time it will take him a week or so and he’ll say, “when did we get new towels?” or “is that a new shirt you are wearing?”  You get my point. 

I have a confession.  I got myself something for mothers day.   It’s days away and I know I’m not the one to be buying things for myself on mothers day but I could not think of another special day that was closer. Do you think that is awful?  Do you do that sometimes?   I’ll tell him the kids got it for me, that always works.  I’ll say Emma got on my computer and ordered this for  me.  She even spelled all the names right.

Wanna know what it is?  Shhh Don’t tell…

My friend Jamie has one of these.  She lives in TX and I see her maybe once a year so I hope she does not mind that I really wanted one too.  It’s from my favorite jewelry lady Lisa Leonard.  If you have never checked out her work then you should.  I love her blog too.  She’s way too creative.  I’ve been wanting this piece of jewelry for a long time.  When our family was finished and home I promised myself that I would get it. Better yet she is running a special on this piece only.  You should get one too!  Check out her stuff here

I’m glad our family is now complete.  If you see me out and about wearing this just smile.  Know it has special meaning to me.  It represents our new beginning at Chapter Two this year! It will bear all our names.  I Love it!