Notice Anything?

Back in December we were in FL for an event with Dave and I found myself at a Nike Outlet.  And as I was wandering I found my exact pair of running shoes on discount.  I had an awful time finding a shoe that did not hurt my arches.  So when I found the same pair at the outlet I had some immediate thinking to do.

Was the year of running over? Do I buy the shoes because I will need them?  Do I not spend the money?  I said after this last race I was done with running, did I really mean it? At the time I was just about to take on and sort of really dreading  my third half marathon and hang up the shoes.  I called my friend Courtney from the store and asked if we were done?  And considering my purchase you can see her answer.

I’m actually not done running.  If you stick with something long enough at times you learn to like/ love it.  Something happened inside me at the Disney Marathon when I saw friends cross the finish line (which I only ran half).  I’ve always said I could never train and run a marathon.  I’m ready to eat those words.  It’s something now I really want to do and believe I can with a lot of hard work.   

Today was the first day since my half back in January that I have run.  I hit two miles and well, let’s just say two’s are all I could do today. It was hard.  I felt like Crap after it BUT it felt SO EMOTIONALLY GOOD.  Good to be back at it.  Ipod in tow, music beating, heart racing, mind wandering, God talking.  It was good.  Dave and I signed up for the Greer Half coming up in 8 weeks.  I can’t wait.  The only way I’ll run is if I have something to train for.  And then in October of 2010 Dave and I and our friends David and Courtney will be taking on the Greenville Marathon.  Courtney still gives me the evil eye since I got her to commit to it with me on a very emotional evening.  We all ran the Charlotte half last April together and it was SO MUCH FUN to do it with other people.  I’m really looking forward to that kind of race again.

So I’ve got my new shoes.  My old ones are about worn out.  I’m excited about where these new shoes will take me. They have a big job in front of them.  They will hit the Galloway training plan which is an amazing doable way to run for all people of all ages.  They will lead me to lots of conversations with God and listening to his voice on my runs.  They will bring will power and commitment.  They’ll bring intentional times with friends.  They will bring trips to downtown Greenville since that is the best place for a beautiful run. They’ll bring fowl words and probably some pains from time to time.  But most of all they will bring me a 26.2 circle sticker that I WILL put on the back of my stickerless van when the job is said and done.   I think I made the right choice back at the outlet.