I’ve never really understood what makes some people fight for someone they don’t really know.  People that give of their time and energy to rally the troups and do everything possible they can do when at the end of the day it does not benefit them as much as it does me.  We have those people fighting for us.  And regardless of what the results are, I owe them everything.  I feel really helpless as to what to personally do in all of this situation with Frankie.  All the kids at Heartline were at all different steps of the process when January 12th happened.  And because of that they all have different ways that they can possibly get to the states and all the legal issues that imply’s.  Frankie who was out of IBESR but not yet in MOI as far as we know will need to get a humanitarian Parole Status.  We are praying that the government starts allowing that to happen for families who have already been in the adoption process in Haiti.  We need that to happen.  There is no reason we should not be able to get him here and care for him while we continue the adoption process. 

I have to keep telling myself it’s all about perspective.  However it’s just harder for me to accept that.  As of this past Monday we were praying that best case scenario would be that he would be home by next Christmas.  That was our hope.  This earthquake happened and now the reality is that if our government will act he could be home within days if not weeks.  I woke up stressed this morning wondering if we would get word today.  And as much as I would like to push things and have him here within the next 48 hrs I also came to the peace of knowing that even if it’s a month from now…. what a blessed unexpected gift in the midst of major tragedy.

It’s hard being so focused on Frankie knowing that the current need is so great in Haiti right now for the people who need relief efforts now.  Frankie as we know of is still sleeping outside and is not totally secured.  We do fear for his safety but we also trust and know that the people there protecting him are doing everything possible in the midst of every circumstance to keep them safe.  There are nannies and people there that LOVE those kids  like they were their own.  That is how I sleep at night.

But… it does not take away this mothers heart to want to do everything possible to embrace her son and have him in her arms.  I’ve got to let it go because if I don’t then I won’t be able to function.  But I can’t let it go because my son is in this awful natural disaster war zone and I will fight until he is safe.  That is what we do for our children.  Pray:  That red tape is cleared and Frankie get’s on a plane and is flown somewhere to the states where we can get him and care for him until all this madness works itself out.  We are ready and waiting.