In a second life can change. 

I am speechless.  It started out as a great day and all the facebook messages of birthday wishes was so fun.  Then I hear news that an earthquake hits Haiti in PAP and I just sit in shock.  For 10 minutes I did not know if our son was ok or not.  I’ve NEVER experienced that before.  I then got news… thank goodness for Facebook and technology and friends that Frankie and ALL the kids at Heartline were safe.  I just started bawling.  Emma started crying and we just sad and cried.  I’m still a mess.

How do you go to sleep?  Not sure about that yet.  All the people in Haiti…my heart is broken.  It’s dark now and morning will bring with it the reality of what has happened and I can’t imagine the terror with the aftershocks.  I want to be there for my son.  They are sleeping outside tonight at a few homes of the staff of Heartline.  They are in great hands but they are not my arms.  It’s so hard.  Praying for a supernatural peace and protection for the children tonight.  I know they are full of fear.  Please just pray for Haiti and the people who are there and those who will meet needs tomorrow.  Praying for my friends there… some who I was just with 2 days ago and now are in the midst of this tragedy.  This does not seem real.

I still can’t believe this has happened to Haiti and her people.  Thank you…all of you who have left us messages checking in on Frankie.   You have blessed us more than you know.  We’ll keep you updated on any news we get especially how you can pray…..