With our trip to see Frankie and then getting home full speed into Thanksgiving and the Holidays I’ve not been able to give just attention to my big race coming up in January that will be supporting Heartline Womans Program.  An update as of this week, A college student from TX just posted a matching grant of 10,000.00.  If all of us runners combined can raise 10K by December 18th then she’ll match it. 20k to the ministry!  I think it’s amazing what people will do when God prompts their heart.

So I along with another group of women  and some ment are embarking on a huge task.  We will be running in the Disney half and full marathon in January and we are running to raise money for a great cause!

My history with Haiti is long.  In High School I went on a missions trip there and it changed my life.  I always wanted to go back.  Through some connections that my husband had with then a band called Spur 58 I became aware that Aaron’s wife Jamie had been to Haiti and they were going to lead a team there for a trip.  I began reading Jamie’s blog and seeing all the people in Haiti that she was connected with like Licia and Lori at the Rescue Center and these people called the Livesays who I started reading their blog after I realized they would be hosting our trip in Haiti while there. 

On that trip we were exposed to HEARTLINE. We went to their building and got the grand tour. I was in awe of how they run things there.  Especially the children’s home.  They really know what they are doing and b/c so many peoples lives are being changed.  When we decided to adopt through Haiti, we KNEW we wanted to adopt through Heartline.  And today a year and a half into the process Heartline takes care of our son Frankie while we wait for him to come home.  They do so many things at Heartline besides helping children find families.  They also have an amazing womens program.

The sewing program was amazing to me. I’ve  brought a purse home with me on  a few trips and then have used as gifts that I gave out to my girlfriends.  They are each made by a women in the sewing program and then sold and that women gets to keep her profits. WOMEN’S LIVES ARE CHANGING. They are now creating their own destiny.

Their prenatal program is making major impact. They are educating women on how to be good mothers and how to nurse their babies and how to feed their babies. They are giving them the knowledge that they need to parent their child and parent them well.

So us HEARTLINE RUNNERS are running to raise money for an ambulance to help transport women to the local hospital if they cant deliver at home. To read about our goals visit here: http://heartlinerunners.blogspot.com/2009/10/our-specific-goal.html

Dave and I have given to this organization through supporting some of it’s families for almost 2 years now.  We  plan on giving more to this great cause b/c it’s something that we believe in and can stand behind. And now with this last trip and Dave finally has had the chance to be there we have both now seen this organization in action.  We have met their leaders. They are THE REAL DEAL and they serve Haitian women, and men and children with their whole heart and soul.

Please consider sponsoring me to run a half Marathon.  With the matching grant your sponsorship will be doubled!  To donate please head to their website and go to the chip in button: http://heartlinerunners.blogspot.com/

And if you want to get something for your donation, here is one of the runners that has a ton of raffles going on.  Maybe you’ll donate in hopes of winning something.  That usually helps me!  http://watchingthewaters.wordpress.com