Thank you so much for letting me be so “raw” in my last post.  The reality for me is that it’s good for me to blog about.  When we got back I made sure to tell people that I could not wait to fill them in on our trip but before I did, please read that post so you know where we are coming from so we don’t have to rehash it.  It’s been good.  So good.  I’m so thankful for the encouragement and support that comes our way.  Most of the time when we don’t expect it, God knows just what we need and makes sure we get just the correct dose.

So one of many questions that we have gotten since our return is the one that always seems to be asked.  “What on earth is taking so long?”  And the answer to that which is simple… “it is what is is.”  It is complicated because the process is just that… complicated.  Does that clear it up for you?

When there I mentioned that Dave and I were able to sign the papers or “the book.”  A few months ago a new law was added in Haiti that adopting parents must travel to Haiti and physically see the child they are saying they are wanting to adopt.  This happens at the beginning of the process.  I think this came of some corrupt agency’s/facilities that were sending people a picture of a child and at the end of the process when they came to bring their child home it was not the same child.  I understand the need for this step but also you have to understand it now adds another step to this crazy process.

We did not expect to be able to sign anything while there.  Before we left I had asked if we would be able to and we were told that we were not far along enough in the process.  We decided to still go, knowing that we would be making a return trip sometime sooner than later.  So when we got there and there was talk of us going to sign “the book” you must imagine how surprised we were.  I could not believe it.  It was such a good surprise and personal blessing of encouragement that we could get this done.

We signed on a Saturday.  We actually went to the house of the clerk of the court.  I would like to describe it and the book but you probably would not believe me anyway.  It would explain the reason things take so long. If what we did was part of the official process of adopting from Haiti then it’s very understandable why it is taking so long.  But it’s signed and it was “the book” so we are happy to have that done.  I wish I could have took some pictures but it did not seem appropriate at the time.  Again, God has been so good to us on this journey.  We have had good movement with our papers and for that we are so thankful.

So what is next?  I copied this from a blog I found.  It may help you understand the timeline a bit better if this is in fact accurate.  Time really has no meaning in this process.  Some things that are to take a while can go faster and things that are to take just a few weeks can find themselves dragging on for months.  

Step 1:  2-4 weeks = First Legalization. This is where all of the papers are authenticated.  – done

Step 2: 1-4 weeks = File prepared for IBESR – done

(These first 2 steps took our papers 6 months)

Step 3: 2-6 months = IBESR (Haiti’s Social Service Department, aka the black hole), where a social worker will look over all of your documents and decide whether to approve your adoption request.  – done (took us 7 months)

WE ARE HERE RIGHT NOW!  Step 4: 2-12 weeks = Parquet is the head commissioner. This step involves one person releasing the child’s file. Civil Court Legalization

Step 5: 2-8 weeks = The adoption is finalized. After this point, the children are legally yours.

Step 6: 2-6 months= Minister of Interior Affairs (MOI)/Haitian Immigration. The file is submitted into the passport process. The passports are printed in the adopting parents last name. This step takes the longest and yet could be done in a day.

Step 7: 1-3 weeks. U.S. Customs approval. I-600 is filed by adopting parents.

Step 8: 1 week = Consulate/Visa Appointment. Child receives visa in preparation for travel to their new home

Thanks again for all of your love and support!  They do come home…they do come home…..