Haiti Day 2 027

I just asked Dave to sum up in 6 words or less how he is feeling right now.  Feeling at Home away from Home was his answer.  I’ll post a lot of thoughts when we get home but it’s been a fantastic trip so far and I can’t even begin to tell you how important/good/amazing etc it has been to finally have Dave come to Haiti and meet his son.  Frankie is doing so well.  He’s so happy.  He’s so well cared for.  All his friends and him spend their day laughing and playing.  I feel as he knows us and that he is enjoying his time with us as well.  I am so thankful we chose to add to our family through adoption.  It really is an amazing thing.  If you have ever had that heart urge to adopt I encourage you to do it.  We are so blessed that Frankie is a Rhodes.  He’s one amazing little guy!