Wiggle, Jiggle, Snore Cow Moo.

emma's book

That is the title of the book Emma wrote a few weeks ago.  She came home from school one day earlier this month and proceeded to sit on the kitchen counter working on a masterpiece!  At one point she came and asked for a stapler.  I was occupied with getting some work done so I found one and handed it off without really paying attention.  Then she comes to me and says, “mom, I just wrote a book.”

I must say it is the cutest children’s book about a farmer who has a cow who wiggles, jiggles, snores, and moo’s and keeps the farmer up and all the other animals.  It put the farmer in crisis mode, and well you’ll just have to read it to find out what the farmer does.  I was so surprised when she first read it to me and to see her story unfold in her eyes.  Unhindered by her parents or others correcting her.  It’s raw and it’s brilliant.

The best thing about this book for Emma is that she took it to school and read it to her teacher.  Then her teacher said she must read it to her principle and then the principle said she could be on the morning show and read it to the whole school.  That is happening today.  I’m not kidding when I say she popped up like it was Christmas morning and told me she must get to school early today.

I’m thankful for Emma and her imagination and for her love of art and drawing. Thankful for people who encourage her daily to use her imagination to dream and create.  I know we wish that for all of our kids.  Just celebrating today with her on something she’s so proud of.  Anyone know how to get these kind of books published?  I think she may be on to something!