Today was a great day.  Woke up in NC to a pot of coffee brewing and then to breakfast made for us by my sweet sister-in-law and brother-in-law.  I’m sitting in the back seat of the car between my 2 girls heading to a museum in Raleigh. (did you know that all of them here are free?) The girls LOVED it and so did this mom.  It was such a happy day.  Many times today my mind drifted towards the Ivey family.  Story came home yesterday.  As an adopting parent in the process of a Haitian adoption I just really can’t describe the joy there is when you get to see and know that one of the families in this process… their children come home. No words really.

Aaron said this on his blog last night…. (and I had to post the pictures he posted below.  Just so priceless!)

thanks to my brother TIM for some amazing photos at tonight’s Homecoming in the Austin airport.  Jamie & Story arrived in the airport at 7pm to a crowd of 35+ friends with balloons, posters, and tears.  What a picture of the Church!!  wow.  I’ve posted a few of Tim’s pics on the blog… and you can visit his site to check out his other great shots.  and thanks to everyone that showed up at the airport tonight to welcome Story home!

a bit of UPDATE about her health..
Jamie took her to Dell Children’s ER. as soon as the ER heard the context of adoption, 3rd world, sick, etc… they immediately took her in. this was about 2.5 hours ago (9pmCST).
doctors are concerned about odd symptoms in relation to unknowns of where she’s from.
they took her to a room immediately.  the doctor came in and said, “are you Aaron Ivey’s wife? i know your story and we’re going to take really good care of this little girl.” turns out, he goes to The Stone.  what a Divine action to allow someone who knows us be caring for our daughter the very night she comes home with sickness.
they are running all kinds of tests right now…so many unknowns…checking for spinal meningitis…xrays…etc.  so far, no results…or thoughts on what might be wrong.  she has a fever, very lethargic, has slept 20 hours a day, can’t use her legs, screams because head hurts.

she’ll be there for a while.  i’m glad some of Jamie’s friends are hanging out with her tonight.  and my brother is texting me play-by-play from Story’s hospital room.  i’m counting down the hours to when i get on my plane home tomorrow.



Praying for Story as the doctors figure out what can help her get better.