I think it takes a few days for anyone to finally relax.  I think I woke up this morning feeling ..”ok, I think I am officially relaxed.”  I think it hit Dave as well.  I mean how can you not relax when this painting is waiting for you out of every window…

Day 3

It’s so different with the kids this year.  Izzie is so much more independant and because of that I find myself not having to constantly be with her and directing her.  I mean I can take a book down to the beach and actually read it while the girls play and play and play…. 

Each evening mom has been doing a craft with the kids.  They are now at the age where they really appreciate it.  Last night they made hermit crabs and read the story A House for Hermit Crab by Eric Carle.  They painted shells for their crabs and have been carrying them around all morning…

 Day 3 001

And last night Dave did himself in.  His mission was to let me experience the best cut of meat I’ve ever had.  Dave and I love a good meal.  We are that couple who keeps an envelope in our dresser drawer and through the year we put extra cash in it as our fun money… for times such as these.  He took me to Ruth’s Chris last night.  I’ve never been there.  And I will say it was the best steak I’ve ever had.  In some ways Dave just ruined me.  I will never be able to eat meat at any other place and think it was great.  I mean it was that good.  If you ever can make a trip there I suggest that you do, or maybe not.  I can’t believe it took Dave 10 years to take me there.  I’m still thinking about it this morning.  What an experience.

Rest.  Everyone needs it.  I’m thankful we are getting it.  It was and has been a much needed.  Tonight it our favorite night.  It’s Captain Hook night.  A tradition that started 4 years ago.  We all head for Pizza at this great pizza place, then we play the captain hook putt putt course (it gets pretty competitive) and then we stop at a local ice cream dive on the way home for some fabulous home made ice cream.  Can’t wait.

Just finished my second cup of coffee and am getting ready to head to the beach.  Happy Tuesday to you all.