First let me just say…I’m not going to apologize about not posting much.  Why?  Because I’m done apologizing…  not just about not blogging but I swear I get so annoyed at myself because I feel like I’m always apologizing.  When, I really have nothing to be apologizing about.  One of the ladies I play tennis with said, “Kim, please stop saying you are sorry, when you say that it makes you sound like you are a bad player and you are a great player.”  I agreed!  So no more sorry’s.   It’s a good life lesson to learn.  Lived in it way too long.  And yes, there are things to be actually sorry for but I have a tendancy to be sorry for everything! Ok, now that is off my chest…. (insert smile here)….

Drum Roll Please……. first day of school hit this week. Emma started first grade.  She was so excited to go to school.  She got home on the first day and said, “Mom, can I go back right now?”  That tells you how much my social butterfly likes school.  She missed her friends and she still loves recess time the most.  She has a wonderful teacher this year and we look forward to all the fun times ahead. 

summer 09 045

summer 09 047

summer 09 048

And Izzie started Nana Preschool this week.  She loves it as well.  Starting with the letter Aa this week.  They had an apple tasting and she declared out of Red, Green, and Yellow Apples that Yellow was her favorite!  We are so thankful for Nana who watches Izzie.  She’s the best Nana ever but better yet she is an excellent teacher as well!

summer 09 050