It’s a great day!  Why?  You don’t have to ask, just keep clicking these links and they will tell why.  Let the bullets begin.

  • Just read Amanda’s Blog.  They are adopting a little boy from Haiti and I follow their journey.  They have been stuck in IBESR forever and she  just posted they are out of IBESR.  Woo Hoo.  Check out her news… click here.
  • Remember me telling you about the Medika MambaProgram?  Well it really works.  Check out these four kids and see for yourself.  Woo Hoo for changing lives! … click here.  And click there to follow Caroline’s journey.  I love her posts and love reading her views on Haiti and her ministry there these next months.  So inspiring.
  • Yesterday I stumbled on this blog.. Party of Five. I don’t think I actually stumbled upon it if you know anything how our God works.  This family is raising two Haitian boys and I already know I’m going to learn so much from following their journey.  It’s just another tool that God can use to help prepare our own family as Frankie one day will be with us.  I’m SO THANKFUL for access to this kind of blog community.
  • Mentioning Frankie.  He is doing great.  And we have some exciting news as well.  Our dear friend Chad Norris is heading to Haiti at the end of August to visit with some organizations there.  He’s going down a day early so he can go spend the day with Frankie.  I am constantly amazed at God’s blessing to our family.  We have had so many people we love visit Haiti and actually see our son.  Where else does that happen?  You’ve got me?  We are so thankful.
  • Dave and I are researching ticket costs these next few weeks for a trip we are taking in November.  We both will be heading to see Frankie in November and can’t wait.
  • I’m amazed at some ladies in our neighborhood who have come together to help a family out with back to school supplies for their 4 girls.  Blown away is more like it.  I’m so thankful for our neighborhood community that God has placed us in.
  • Today I head out to meet with some parents at Emma’s school in preparing for the new school year.  I’m serving on the PTO board as treasurer.  I’m really excited about it.  I often wonder why I was Treasurer of our student council while in high school, or treasurer of our HOA board…  it kind of all just keeps fitting together and now the opportunity to invest in our public school this year has me so excited.  We love our school.  It’s a diamond in a hay field and we are so thankful Emma gets to attend a public school that actually runs like a small private christian school. 

Lots to be thankful for.  Way too much to be thankful for.