I woke up this morning and immediately the Woodard family came to mind.  This morning they have left.  Left on a jet plane to start their journey to bring Gracie home.   So before my feet hit the ground and the kids could drag me out of bed I said a prayer for them and asked God to give them an amazing final journey.

I missed church yesterday and I was so sad.  Had a good excuse.  We were finishing up Wayfarer camp but I so longed to be in the room yesterday to send off this family with blessing.  I saw our pastors blog this morning telling what happened at church and all I can say is… of course that happened.  We serve a God who meets needs.  So I’ll let Steve tell you what happened.

Heading to China – Bring Gracie HOME!

Brian and Rachel Yesterday we had a prayer of dedication for pastor Brian, Rachel, and their three kids – they leave in the morning for China to bring home their beautiful adopted baby girl: Gracie

Brian told us yesterday of God’s amazing provision over the last three years and how they have seen almost 30K come to them from the hand of the Lord. I asked Brian this question:

“How much do you still need to have it all covered” – He said, “about $3000”.

After the service, guess what happened? A lady they didn’t even really know came up and gave them a check for  (drum roll here?) $3000! A few other gifts came in as well, so they leave tomorrow knowing this: OUR GOD SHALL SUPPLY ALL YOUR NEEDS ACCORDING TO HIS RICHES IN CHRIST JESUS!

What a testimony to his kids – they were stunned and thrilled! Brian told me today that he and his daughter just feel to the floor thanking God for this awesome answer to prayer! The kids have never even been ON an airplane, so what a great way to “break into the friendly skies” – a 16 hour flight over Alaska to mainland CHINA!   All I can say is :YEAH GOD!!!

Rachel has been an amazing encouragement to me with Frankie.  She’ll be on my mind these next few weeks.  I”m sad I missed their send off and I’m sad I’ll miss their homecoming… (we’ll be away at a camp when they return) BUT I can’t wait to see how God continues to use them all as Gracie finds comfort and love withing their walls.