livesay family

Have to pass this on.  Troy and Tara were the family that hosted our group on our trip to Haiti last May.  They are incredible people.  So down to earth and real and well… if Dave and I were called to live in Haiti, I imagine our lives would look so similar to theirs (less children of course.. they have 7 🙂 )  And if we lived close I imagine we would find so much in common and turn out to be great friends.  I have blogs I follow and their is not a day that goes by that I don’t anticipate hearing about the latest happenings with their family.  If you want to follow a journey that is real/relevant/life changing/funny/did I say real already?  then follow them here. 

Tara just posted about something she is doing.  Read it here.  I just donated to the cause.  If you ever wonder if it matters??  IT DOES.  If you ever wonder if 26.00 or more can be a part of something greater that can change the lives of malnourished children? IT CAN. 

Again, I love this family.  I’m thankful our lives have crossed paths.  I’m thankful they have been so encouraging and supportive on our adoption journey with Frankie (they were the ones who lead us to Maranantha)  I’ll be rooting her on and am thankful for their hearts and their love for Haiti and her people.