Esaie and Isaac

Two of Frankie’s friends/brothers are heading home.  I’ve met these boys a few times now and am thrilled that they are homeward bound.  Esaie & Isaac, pictured with their new family the Millers, left a few days ago for their new home in Maryland.  John from his blog wrote “We are so thrilled that these brothers are now with their adoptive family and home where they belong.  It is always a day of mixed emotions when children leave but we always remember that we live here so that some may be able to live elsewhere.”


Their Story:   It was over two years ago that a man carrying two young boys came to our gate and told me that the boys were brothers, their names were Esaie and Isaac, and their mother had abandoned the family months earlier.  He asked if we could take the boys since he had absolutely no resources to care for the them.  I explained that we were not an orphanage, and the children that entered Maranatha Children’s Home, travel to adoptive homes in the States.  He said that was not a problem and then I told him that I needed to see their documents and his as well and that we would need him to release the boys before a judge.  He had no papers on him but he said that he had them at home and that he would return the next day with them.  He again asked if we could take the boys.  Now it is VERY rare that I will accept children without documentation but in this case I was concerned about the lives of the boys since they were so sickly.  So we accepted Esaie and Isaac into the home and I have never seen the father again.  He never returned as he said he would and he has never come by to check on the boys.
This week another father did come to our gate.  A father with his wife and children who not long after Esaie and Isaac were abandoned into our care said, “we want to adopt them.” 
And now over two years later Gene and Shon Miller an their three children are here to bring home their two sons Esaie and Isaac.   
They have worked toward this day and prayed and waited and prayed and now they are here with their sons.
Left by a father, who perhaped loved them enough to let them go, into Maranatha Children’s Home where they have been loved and cherished, and now to their new family where only God could possibly love them more.

Thank you for your love and support as we endeavor to be the hands of Jesus here in Haiti.

John McHoul