It has been a while.  I often wonder if people even care that I post?  I mean it’s good for me to get my thoughts down but it’s funny because my life is a walking Blog and I post lots during the day in my head and lately I just feel like, I don’t think anyone really cares if I don’t actually get those thoughts posted.

I saw this girltoday at a Gold Party… That is a later post.  She asked what was new since she normally knows but since long time no blog, she was needing the latest.  You really read enough to want to know?  And the room went “yes”.  So ok, I hear ya and I’ll get back to it.  I’m amazed at how other peoples lives have changed so many things I think about from a day to day basis and some of those people I get an inside peak into from their blog.  So if you care to know, check back.  The summer is about to start which means I’ve got lots to talk about since I’m about to enter single motherhood.  For the past 10 years it’s always the same…  Summer for the Rhodes means dad on the road, camps, mom surviving at times, but loads of fun regardless. 

Ok this is turning out to be a lame post.  Deserved to much more but that will have to wait.