Debra on the far right and my other wonderful friend Sarah in the middle....

Debra on the far right and my other wonderful friend Sarah in the middle....

Life… In the past year it has brought with it some surprises for sure.  One of them would be the joy of new friendships through common interests.  I met Debraa year ago this month.  She went to Haiti with me and we were roommates on our trip.  She just poured out this poston her blog and I could not help but think it was writing genius.  If I even tried to articulate the words and thoughts in my head about Haiti and my first time seeing the country and then even my time there this past May… I could not do it.  But she did.  A year later she did.  So I want to leave you with her words that I would have to say are my heart words as well.  Maybe this could give you a glimpse into Haiti’s impact on my life.

Debra and I returned to Haiti again this past January to see our children who live there.  And Debra is now expecting baby #3.  (Woohoo) I love her heart, passion, dreams.  She is so creative and funny and real.  She makes me think I’m not crazy for having experienced Haiti and having a hard time with most people not understanding me at all….  So here is Debra in her words…..

I put off brushing my teeth to write this.

I have been keeping up with the Compassion bloggers trip to India.  And every time I read something, I tear up.  I am so thankful for the bloggers that traveled and shared their stories.  I am so thankful for the families that became sponsors because of their efforts.  Although, the thing that has made me cry is the words that they have shared.  I can FEEL them.  I can understand what they are saying.  I can understand what they are seeing.

My first trip to Haiti was this time last year.  To say that it wrecked me is a complete understatement.  Complete.  And by wrecked, I mean, changed me for the better.

I saw villages upon villages with no electricity or running water.  I saw children with the brightest of smiles.  I saw orphan babies crying for the touch of another human one.  I laughed and danced with orphaned teen girls. I listened to their dreams of the future. I walked into the bathroom where these same girls will face many changes.  The sight sent me running to see something else.  I needed to cover up that image.  It is still there.  With my own eyes I saw people bathing in the river next to a donkey drinking, that was next to one washing clothes.  I heard the sounds of laughter at the water pump.  That sound served as my alarm clock every morning as the children would come to brush their teeth.  It was right out of my window.  I would not have changed that for ANYTHING.  I will NEVER forget having my turn to ride in the front of the truck and listen to Troy talk about Haiti.  I remember him saying that MOST OF THE WORLD LIVES LIKE THIS.  At that point we were passing the ever present sights of people bathing, the washing of clothes, half naked children running around, while a man is standing on the side of the road nude. I remember it passing like a normal moment but knowing that my life had just changed.  FOREVER.  I could not believe that I had not known this.  Another terrific sight in Haiti are all the children walking to school in the most clean, pressed looking matching outfits.  And the girls with their matching hair bows. So pretty.

Life is different now.  A lot of decisions are based upon what I have seen.  I saw what I saw and I can’t forget it.  I am far from an activist.  I am far from a world changer.  I do not want to pretend to be something I am not.  I am just a girl.  A wife.  A mom.

I am just saying seeing something changes you.  So, if you have not read the blogs about India, go read now.  Their words are so vivid.  You will see what they saw.  Something tells me, you will not forget it.