Been Praying for some Breakthroughs this week with our process with Frankie and I’m not being surprised when they are happening.  I am looking forward to each day and what will happen as “good news”.

Yesterday I received some updated information on some questions I have had from our contact.  Everyone is always so busy that updates become hard to get at times.  I was so glad to see info in my inbox.  All is well with Frankie and we have some friends going to visit their child in late April and I was able to get some info on some things I can send Frankie and his friends.

This week we received two donations for our adoption fund.  With out fail God continues to be so faithful in providing our adoption loan payment each month. 

My heart continues to be stirred every day by the thought and reality of this long adoption process and the sweet little boy at the top of this page.  Knowing that this process is so long my heart has been so urged to pray specifically for Frankie and the relationships he is building with friends and nannies and people he interacts with everyday.  Praying that God would bless this little guy and help him grow in love, in faith, in personality as he is missing one main thing these next few years…. a family. 

I am expecting great news soon about our dossier finally being entered into IBESR.  With us it’s impossible but with God it’s not!  I’m praying that Junior who handles all the paperwork for Heartline Adoptions gets his l socks blown off at the progress that is made this week with all Maranatha adoption files!!!!!!