Yesterday we celebrated my Nana’s 84th Birthday.  We had lunch at the Brick Street Cafe.  Have never been there and did not know such a place was in Greenville.  We’ll have to go back!  She is looking great isn’t she? She has lived one amazing life and is still healthy, active and has a lot more life to enjoy left in her to enjoy.  You know I think for me, my one wish is that Dave and I and our children would be able to be blessed by having 84 years on this earth.  Would that now be wonderful?  I really hope we live such a full life that she has.

The best thing about my Nana is that she lives in our neighborhood and I see her almost everyday.  Never did I imagine that at this stage in life would I be surrounded by my community of family.  But here they are and we feel so blessed.  And I’m so thankful that they get to play a role in my children’s life.  A day is not a normal day unless Great Papa rings the doorbell and brings by his sugar wafer for Izzie and a Hershey kiss for Emma. 

Happy Birthday Nana.  It was fun celebrating you!