Above:  In the day(13yrs ago) this racket was on the top list of ones to play with.  Not so much anymore as it probably looks like an ancient beast out on the courts now but me and my trusty racket that just got some new strings will be heading out to rekindle our long lost relationship.

Maybe some of you know this and maybe you don’t but I “used” to be a decent tennis player.  I played tennis in High School and really enjoyed it and then when I went off to college in West Palm Beach. FL I continued my love for tennis as I had the opportunity to play on the college level.  I love tennis.  I even worked Crosspoint a few summers and was a tennis coach.  And then, I finished my senior year of college in Alabama to be closer to Dave and with that transition… the game of tennis was no more.  Work, Marriage, young children have all played a role in having time to even think about playing tennis again and if there was time then where would I play, who could I play with and how would that work?

In a time of recession and cut backs and a lot of financial uncertainty even in our own family now certainly is not the time to have the opportunity to get back in the game…. or is it?  The past few weeks I have have had the opportunity to go and play tennis a local club.  I wish I never had went the first time I was invited.  I did not expect the huge tennis void in my life to be cut wide open and filled with extreme joy as I got back on the court for the first time in over 10 years.  It was not pretty but I can tell the game will come back to be in time as I get to play more.  But to play more?  What would that mean?  Not doable on many fronts right now.  Certainly some day but right now… the worst time for an opportunity like this to come up.

And then the unexpected….  the unexpected blessing of given the chance to play tennis on a ladies team this coming year.  Through some very generous people and connections of others I have been given the chance to get back in the game.  Given a chance. 

In our lives right now God is really calling us to sacrifice on many fronts.  We don’t mind doing that.  Our lives are his and we will do whatever it takes to keep plugging away at the mission he has called our family to.  And even in such times of uncertainty… to sit and be blessed with the chance to play tennis.  Well just one more time I sit in amazement as God continues to bless us in ways never thought possible…  He has blessed this 33 year old mother of 3 with the gift that life can still be enjoyed when all arrows pointed to the road of maybe someday I’ll be able to do that again… Well I never thought that someday would be now!