Rule #1 – want to consider running?  Go out and buy a good pair of running shoes….even if they sit around for a month or so before you get motivated!

I’ve been hesitant to even post on this but now that I am ending week 4 of training I feel that what lies ahead is doable and even a bit “cough” enjoyable?  Ok, enjoyable may be a little extreme but I can see it possibly getting there.

My friend Courtney and I are running a half marathon in Charlotte in April and we are just ending week 4 of training.  And finally I am feeling like I’ll be able to do this thing.  I really don’t like to run.  But it’s getting better and now the 2 mile is pretty easy as we just hit our five mile run this past Saturday and will do it again this weekend.  So in some ways I can see myself hanging in there for the 13.1 that will await.  13.1…. is that right?  Or whatever the half is.

I think even more than the running is that I’ve enjoyed the discipline it brings.  Ever having an issue trying to commit to something?  May I suggest running?  Or better yet may I suggest running with a friend.  I’ve so enjoyed the time Courtney and I have had on our long runs and the encouragement that comes through the week as we try and hit our running goals that are mapped out for us.  I seriously can’t wait till we cross that finish line together in April.  It will be a goal that will mean so much to us and that we were able to do it together.

And the bad news?  I’m thinking if you are wanting to loose weight maybe try something else besides running. To this day I have yet to drop 1 pound.  I mean seriously… going from 5 years of being dormant and non active to 4 weeks of running at least 8-12 miles a week and like I said,  not 1 pound.  Not that it matters but it would be nice if there were some other benefits I was reaping right now besides the satisfaction of knowing I accomplished my goal for the day.

So there you have it.  I can’t promise that it will be pretty but I can promise that there will be a finish line that is crossed.  And if you ever think that you could never do something like… run a half marathon… just look at these two 30+ year old moms and know if we can do it…(well we hope we can do it) so can you!

And by the way, I talk about running but this post right here really inspired me this past week as I struggled at times to run.  Tara is a great runner and I just loved…loved…loved her post here on running in Haiti.