I saw this a month ago and it really moved me.  Well it did more than that.  It disturbed me., motivated me, challenged me, caused me to do a lot of life reflecting.  My friend Debra in Houston had a post on it on her blog this morning.  As I was doing my morning reading, it all rushed back to me.

Debra made mention of this guy.  Who also saw this video and basically said he wanted to help.  Read his post to see what he has been moved to do.

I bring this up today because I do hope that you take some time to watch this video.  I just sent Emma out the door this morning with her bag of valentines for her class party today.  A time set aside to let people know that you love them.  There are a whole lot of people in this world that NEED love.  They NEED us to get a vision or a prompting of taking action and to do something to make someone Else’s life better.  The act of showing Love is a powerful thing.  The act of living out that love into other peoples lives is world changing.