I had a good cry today.  It’s been a while since that has happened.  I can chalk it up to being a girl, being hormonal, having a bad day.  I’m sure all of those things played a role in it.  But today we found out that our dossier still has not been submitted and today was a deadline day for us.  Today was the January 7th deadline and we missed it. (If you want to know the detail about this date please read Jason’s post here.  He does a great job explaining it.)

So what does that mean for us?  No one really knows.  It’s Haiti and things change all the time there.  So hopefully we’ll keep moving forward as planned and get our papers into IBESR as soon as they are ready from the Mayors office where they are stuck for now.  Things in Haiti are changing all the time and so we keep moving forward until we hit the next road block.  No one ever guaranteed this would be an easy journey.  And if you know our family we are never ones to take the easy road.  So this is adventure for us and in a way, as much as I would have liked to have things all in order as of today… well it’s kind of exciting that it’s not.  Because that just means that we have to really practice our walking in Faith.

If we knew what was going to happen then we would not need faith.  A few years ago, Dave came up with this definition for faith.  When he shared it with me back then it really gripped at my heart.  Enough so, that it has become a statement that I find myself going to so many times.

Faith is Hearing the voice of God and Trusting the Heart of God enough to Act on what you have heard.

And so we cling to having faith in our journey with Frankie.  We have truly felt we have heard His voice in calling our family to adopt Frankie from Haiti.  We have since day one Trusted His heart for our journey as we have and will continue to act out our journey and walk in Faith.  Having full confidence that God is in control and we will continue trusting His plan.

So in a little bit when I’m about to head to bed, I’ll head to the sink and wash away these streaks of mascara that have formed down my face.  And I’ll continue to Trust each step of this exciting journey.  it’s SO WORTH IT!