So last night as we ate our dinner and had our normal routine… the phone rang.  I saw this picture on the website of Drew Francis this morning who is also in Haiti this week.  Here is a picture of Roger sitting on the floor with Frankie last night. 


Roger sent me these comments…..

It was a joy to go see where the little guy lives. I think the shock of all the visitors was a little much, but all the kids seemed to have a good time. We filmed him staring at the phone and I am sure you will enjoy watching it know and in a few years when he is laughing about it. Thanks for letting us visit your son. I told him I am looking forward to seeing him home with you guys in South Carolina.”

It’s raining here today.  It’s just one of those blue kinda days.  I did not sleep well last night.  I loved getting to talk to Frankie and letting him hear this voice coming from a phone but I could not shake the fact that I was not there.  I was not there.  This is so hard. It’s a 2 year wait.  It does not seem possible.  Two years is such a long time.  In two years things will be so different.  I am cherishing EVERY memory of today but I’m not fooling anyone.  This is just really, really hard.  I know I’ll make it.  We are strong.  I know that in the end the wait and this whole process will seem like a small moment in our journey but for now it seems like an eternity of time.  And the heaviness it is placing on my heart is indescribable.  BUT, it’s so worth it.  To be on this journey of adopting Frankie is an amazing and wonderful blessing for our family.  I can’t believe we get to be his parents… that we get to walk with him through his journey and his life.  And for that it’s such a happy day.  We are very very blessed.