I have a lot to catch up on. Here are a few bullets that all deserve a post here soon.

 – We have been in Florida this weekend. Dave’s parents are moving to Spartanburg, SC.  Yes that is correct.  His dad is coming on staff at Spartanburg Community Church.  Today was his last Sunday in FL and at his church here.  (Some blogs coming on that soon)

 – That means that yesterday was our farewell visit to Disney.  They have season passes and family who works for Disney so each time we come to FL we always go to Disney for free for the Day.  (Thanks John) Emma has been there too many times to count.  She is Disney obsessed.  Izzie, well poor Izzie.. she’ll never know what she missed.  Yesterday was stellar.  Emma rode tower of terror and then we took Disney my storm.  We did it all and ended it with the famous fireworks.  We are exhausted.  But glad for the one last hurrah.

Izzie HATED the characters.  She’s not truly a Disney fan yet.  Here is Emma and my sister in law Kayleigh.

And here we all are with sweet little Minnie!