Emma has a mock election tomorrow at her school.  I asked her who she was voting for.  She informed me that she is voting for Obama.  I said, “Barack Obama?”  She said, no mom I’m not voting for him, I’m voting for Obama.  I’m glad she cleared that up.  Then I went on to ask her why she is voting for Obama?  She said, “because I love his brown skin it’s like Frankie’s!”

I am looking forward to this election season being just about over.  I think we are all tired of hearing it.  I’m not thrilled with either candidate.  I’ve got issues with both of them.  I have issues with both parties right now as well… both the democratic and the republican.   I want to our country to be inspired again, I believe each child deserves the right for life.  I like that we have an African American and a woman running on the tickets.  I would be thrilled to have an African American become the  president of our country, I think Palin would make a great VP but seriously would not feel comfortable with her being president.  And all that to say, I’ve said entirely too much.  I will be voting.  I did not want to vote in the primaries and then when the day came I had this tremendous guilt so I went and voted.  I know many people that are not voting.  Again, to each his own opinion.  For me, I have to vote.  It’s a freedom that so many do not have and it’s a freedom I need to embrace and practice.  I’m just ready for a new president to be elected so we can move on with making this world a better place to be in.