At the end of the day I truly want to change the world.  As time goes on I often wonder and realize that I probably won’t do that on the grand scale that I wish I could.  I mean it could happen.  I believe it can but at the end of the day I look at the random things that get to have a platform and have grand scale impact and wonder if I’ll ever get that platform.  And so what if I don’t?  What happens then?  Does that mean that I feel my life was wasted?  That I did not accomplish all that I wanted to?  No not really.  Because what I am discovering is that it’s all about me being faithful to finish in the things that come my way.  That in the end those little things that I get the privilege of dreaming, doing, discovering will add up to a life spent and given away to bring honor to the Father.  I dont’ want to hear the words well done you good and faithful servant.  I want to hear the words… you finished! you finished faithfully.

You see I have big dreams.  Some that have been birthed continue to stir in my heart.  Others come and go and some fade away but regardless they are big dreams.  And often I look at how unatainable they probably really are.  For instance I want to have maximum impact in the world of adoption and in the lives of children who need someone to come into their life and love them and to give them hope.  I look at other organizations out there and know that I could never have maximum impact like Shohanna’s Hope or Compassion do.  I mean sure that could happen but really… Dave and I … what can we actually do?  I dream of funding adoptions for people who can’t afford it.  Would love to pull out a checkbook and say, it’s paid for.. time and time again to families, but again, the reality comes and really puts those dreams into perspective.  But what I do know is this. I know this truth.  That it’s being faithful to finish in the little things that come my way.  So as God prompts my heart as to what I can do to help families and children… I’ll take those things on and I WILL BE FAITHFUL TO FINISH.

Wayfarer – I long and dream and desire for Wayfarer to have maximum impact in this world and generation.  Time and time again, it seems we climb an uphill battle.  All along watching other people get chances at platforms to have a global voice.  At times the dream for me gets so discouraging.. wondering if what we do or give our lives to matters?  At the end of the day I know it does but I’m personally not satisfied.  But Again I am learning that I want our family to be Faithful in the little things that we are investing our whole lives in and know that it’s worth it.

I’ve attended our church now going on 9 years and I continue to believe the lie that I Kim Rhodes a part from Dave Rhodes can not have impact there.  What can I seriously offer to people?  It’s as if I know I can’t live up to the grand picture so I waste years dormant in insecurity.  I truly long to have maximum impact not only in my personal dreams or at Wayfarer but also in my church.  I don’t know what that means but I am understanding more and more that it’s got to start by being Faithful in the little things.

So as you can see my heart is heavy tonight.  I was just telling my friend this past Sunday… “Is this it?  Seriously.. because if it is, then I’m not satisfied.”  And a few days later in a room full of people tonight at Engage I hear the simple truth that my heart has been prepared to hear.  That no this is not it.  I have no clue what my life will hold tomorrow.  But I will go to the grave giving it my all.  Me, I’m finishing strong and if that means that my life ends up being a bunch of little things that I can do for the sake of the Kingdom then you can count on this… that I’m going to be Faithful to those things.  I’m going to passionately give them my all and will finish strong with what has been given me.