Well I did it.  I baked my first apple pie last night.  (GASP…WOW…ARE YOU KIDDING ME?…IS SHE SERIOUS?) Yes.  I don’t like to bake… still don’t like to bake but I will do anything to make my kids day.  And yes, I’ve been married 10 years and have never baked an apple pie. 

A few weeks ago we got lots of apples from Nivens Apple Farm. I kept putting it off.  Then last night I called to Emma… “ready to make that pie?”  Her response… “No worries mom, you can just watch Max and Ruby and Ruby will tell you how to make it.”  Thanks Em!

The result?  Who knew I (Emma) could bake!  It was fabulous.  Turned out great.  Lots of work.  I’d still rather go pay 7.00 for one at Publix but Emma thought it was the greatest thing.  So I guess we’ll be baking more around here.  Oh boy!