My camera broke and I am sad because if I had it you would be seeing a picture of me holding a loaf of Salt Rising Bread and Cheese from the Cuba Cheese shop in Cuba, NY.  Not sure if many of you know this but I am a Yankee by birth and heart.  I grew up in the North and I spent my High School Years in a little town called Cuba, NY.  Cuba was known for many things but one of them was their Cheese Shop. 

My friend Tash who also grew up in Cuba and who’s parents and other family still reside there was just there for a visit this past weekend and yesterday UPS came to my door with a package. In it was a loaf of salt rising bread, and some good old Cuba Cheese.  I did the happy dance, and got out my toaster.

I am sad to inform everyone that the bread is gone.  I ate the whole loaf and rationed just a few pieces off to the hubby and kids.  The cheese spread is next.  It’s been 8 years since I’ve had this bread and have tasted the cheese.  It was WONDERFUL!  And I’m so thankful for special friends in my life who surprise us when we least expect it with a gift of love.

So thanks Tash for a trip back to memory lane.  My belly is a bit full this morning but worth every bite.  Can’t wait to watch some TV tonight and snack on crackers and cheese!