Last night we got together with our family for dinner.  My grandmother made our favorite meal… Chicken Supreme and we all got together to pray over our dossier before we send it on it’s way.  What an amazing evening.  I think it’s really hard at times for the older generation… 80+ year olds to understand why people would want to adopt children from other countries.  It’s not their fault.  It’s just the generation that they were brought up in.  I think it’s especially  different for them understanding our generation and the many that are raising children from a different race.  I know my grandparents may question the journey that we are on because of their history but they are 100% supportive of us and what we are doing.  It was amazing being in a room last night and having them pray so specifically for Frankie and for these papers to sail with ease through the proper channels.  And the biggest moment happened when our 5 year old Emma had her turn to pray.  She prayed over 5 minutes and she prayed the most genuine and loving prayer for Frankie and for all the children in this world that are in need of families and food and love.  At one point she was praying that “all the children would learn to like fruits and vegetable because they are healthy and will make them feel better.”  I laughed and cried and wept as she kept praying.  I just sat in awe of her understanding of what our family is doing.  I love that girl.  She has such a sensitiveheart towards the Lord.  Izzie was there as well.  Running around going crazy.  Frankie is going to just love her!

And today, we sat at Wayfarer with our community of friends that could be there and prayed once again for our dossier.  The girls even had a cake made and surprised us with it.  I don’t deserve these friends and family that I have.  I am so greatful for them and their role in our life.  They always make me feel important and they are so supportive of the things that my heart is bent towards.  I only hope they feel that same way about me in my support to them.

Here is the cake.  They brought it out to Michael Buble’ playing “I wanna go Home” in the background! 🙂

So tomorrow we send off our papers.  I have a few more things to share and will wait for another time.  Dave finally finished Frankie’s Blessing… and it’s just perfect.  But again that’s a whole other post and to be honest I’m just about ready to pass out!

And on a side note.. I know I”ve been blogging A LOT on Frankie right now.  It’s just been a massive task of getting to this point.  It won’t always be that way.  I have not gone adoption crazy but it’s just a time right now where I am smack in the middle of my passion and there is a lot to be said.  Normal life will get back to me here soon!  There is lots of other stuff going on that I need to get out there soon!