Well we have had one busy week.

  • My in laws are in town the next few days.  So I am also getting to visit with them and with my sister in law who is 6 years old.
  • This weekend we are making a crazy trip to Americus, GA for Blake and Kim’s Wedding.  Down and Back on Saturday. 
  • Today Wendy my friend is having her ultra sound for her 3rd child.  I think she is 18-19 weeks.  They are saying they are not finding out the gender.  I’m curious to see if they stick to their guns. Time will tell.  Personally… I’d love to know! 🙂
  • Today is Dawns B-day and Brennan Reichley’s B-day.  Love B-day’s since that means we’ll all go to lunch!
  • My husband has pink eye.  He went away for an event last weekend and came back with it.  I did not even ask!  Let’s just say I wish my kids had it since I think they would handle it better. 
  • On Sunday we celebrate the 1 year birthday of my niece Caitlynn.  We can’t wait.
  • Fall is here.  The mornings and nights are brisk and I love it.
  • I was hoping to get our papers for Frankie to Chicago this week.  But I am waiting on 1 paper from the great state of IN to come back with it’s shiny state seal. 
  • My camera broke.  Not sure about when a new one is coming.  But I hate missing out on shareing pictures.