Just had one of those days yesterday… the days where you sit down for that long conversation and ask your spouse or whoever…  “Does what we do even matter?”

To be honest I’m sick of so many things right now…. and all the efforts of what we do with our lives each day at times seem wasted on a generation who does not care.  I know that’s a big general and that some do care but overall that was what I was feeling yesterday.  I sat in a room of college students yesterday as we attempted to engage them in a life conversation and I must say I left annoyed and disgusted at their visual lack of respect, distractions to ipods and other technical devises along with apathy.  And you just kind of have that shut down moment of….. is this what we are giving our lives for?

It did not help that the night before Dave and I started watching the VMA’s and looked at eachother and said…”WOW is this what things have come to. ” Not sure if you tuned in or not.  We try ane keep current with these types of things since the people we minister to …. well that is their world.  But I must say both of us were perplexed as to what in the world is going on???

So I head out today to do my job and invest in the ministry we are called to and yet my heart is so disturbed.  At the end of every day not just this season is always the gripping question at my heart and banner that I cry….  I don’t want to waste my life!!!!  Some days I feel I am other days I don’t.  I guess we all feel that way at times.

And in the midst of all of this Haiti.  I’m sorry if you are sick of hearing Haiti from me but it has such a grip on my heart and I just don’t feel I can ever convey the deep need this country is in right now.  If you have never visited any 3rd world country you may never understand…  or maybe you can…. I don’t know.  They are in desperate need of help.   The Rescue Center I visited in May needs help.  Can you give just a small token to help them get water for the day?  If so see here and you can pay through pay pal.