Detoxing from what you ask?

  • vacation
  • food
  • no sleep
  • blogging
  • reading emails
  • political conversations in the background
  • reading blogs
  • pulling weeds in the flower beds
  • relationships
  • adoption paperwork
  • Peoples opinions
  • keeping up with the laundry
  • Internet
  • did I say food already?
  • People who think everything is always the best ever….
  • caffeine

Yes, I am in a season of detoxing.  In a season where so many things fight for your attention and you have to choose where you put your time.  I’ve done a good job of it the past few months but then other things arrise and you have to detox some more.  Saying no to things is hard for me when I want to stay current in the lives of other people and the things that make up my day.