Dave and I went to the mountains last weekend with some of our friends.  It was a very quick trip but we always love getting together.  I love to be around fun people.  And I must say I believe Dave and I have some very fun friends.  After dinner last Saturday night we went walking the streets of Gatlinburg.  That was an experience.  There are some very weird people in TN! 🙂  As we walked we noticed that there were so many of the air brush t-shirt shops.  We all split up and went our own ways but as we gathered to head back for the night two people were sporting new shirts.  Can you guess who?  Leslie and Norris.  I asked Wendy if I could post this picture.  She said that as long as I put a line in here about how she joked about it as she saw it in the window and the next thing she knows her husband is buying it.  I think it is ending up in one of his drawers.  Lets hope so.  But bottom line, it was fun to have a great laugh. I kind of left wishing Dave had gotten one for himself!