There is so much going on to the point of not even having time to blog right now.  Let’s see… what is the latest you ask?

Emma has meet the teacher tonight.  This time next week she will be on her way to completing her first week of kindergarten.  It’s hard to release your children to the public school system.  But we’ve heard nothing but amazing things about Reidville Elementary School so we’ll send her and hope it’s a great experience for her.

Izzie is growing and growing.  She’s taking on a whole new vocabulary as well.  It’s so much better to be able to communicate with her through words and not grunts and screams. 

Dave is home from camp and we made it through our transition days.  They are the hardest for us.  We are fine when he’s gone weeks at a time but the hard part for us is adjusting when he’s finally off the road.  So we had a few fun days that reminded us again why we love each other and on we go.  We are actually heading out of town tomorrow for a much needed weekend get away without the kids.  We are heading to TN with some friends and are so looking forward to some quality time together. 

Me, I’m a to bed by 11 person and the Olympics has done me in.  1:00 are the new numbers I am seeing on my clock when I finally drag myself to bed.  I’ve loved watching the gymnastics and volleyball and of course can’t miss a swim by Michael Phelps.  It’s just been great TV watching.

And our adoption journey.  We just finished our home study and should have that in hand by the first of next week and we are also getting our Physch evaluation done next week as well.  Then we are sending papers off to get state certified etc.  We should have our dossier ready to send to Haiti I am hoping in the next 6 weeks.  I’ve been working on it as much as I could this summer and it’s fun to see things come in and get checked off the list.

Talking about Haiti…. Exciting news as well.  We have a potential referral for a little boy who is currently 16 months old.  We’ve know about him for about a month now and are hoping to make things official in the next few weeks.  I can’t wait to share more but I’ll just have to leave it at that.  It’s been an amazing journey thus far and we love each step that this process brings.  This little boy has already made his way into all of our hearts and we are so excited about the journey to bring him to be part of our family.  The girls are very excited as well.  It’s a long journey.  We have prepared ourselves for that.  Even looking at his picture now, we know that he will be a different child when he comes home.  It’s sad that the process is so long but we are so excited to be on the road and moving.

Seems like a Friday since we are heading out tomorrow.  So have a great weekend everyone and I’ll post more when there is more to share!