We are still very busy in our adoption process. We have possible referral of a little boy and are hoping to finalize all that info here very soon. More details to come for sure. We are excited and working very hard to get our dossier done. Each day, we get one step closer to getting things checked off the massive to do list. Our family loves being on this journey.

An amazing thing is that from my trip this past May… there are now 2 other couples that are starting an adoption process through Haiti . So from our group…. 6 children are being adopted from Haiti. So be sure to check out Jason and Sarah Hyatts Blog. They are selling their house, possessions, and moving from TX to LA for a year to save up money to adopt 2 children from Haiti. They are amazing people that I had the privilege of getting to know and can’t wait to continue our journey together.

Also, meet Debra and her husband Earnest who are also adopting a little boy named Ronel from Haiti. Debra was my roommate on our trip and I loved getting to know her. Read her post here from today. They are on a big faith journey of finding ways to fund their adoption.

And don’t forget Aaron and Jamie Ivey who are packing up and moving from TN back to TX here in the next few weeks. I think their journey in some ways inspired all of our families to know that this was and is something we can do.  They are adopting 2 precious children and are in the long waiting phase.

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about all of these very normal people who are doing something that seems very not so normal for most.  I know the next few years are going to be long with many mixed emotions here and there but I am so thankful for people who are also on the same type of journey with us.  Especially the girls.  I can’t wait for some bonding trips to Haiti to see our children.  Thinking and dreaming today.  Resting in the peace of community and dreams of a life of being connected with each other through our individual journeys of adoption.