I must say this has been one of the best summers that Dave and I have had as a married couple and during his busy travel season.  I was wondering what has been different than years past last night and I think I came to the conclusion that it’s because we are both maximizing our time right now in our sweet spots.  Dave has been having an incredible summer of ministry but he has said that it’s been the most tired he has ever been.  He’s had more conversations and interaction with people this summer during the day than ever before.  He’s thankful for that because he loves intersecting into  peoples lives and stories.  But it’s tiring for sure.

Me, I’m exhausted as well.  But a good exhausted.  I’ve been slammed at the Wayfarer office.  It’s an amazing dance that I do trying to keep up with three guys and all the details/flights/contacts.  And I’m reminded too often of a missed detail here and there but I’m giving it my all and finding so much joy in my job.  And our adoption journey… I think it’s kept me up way too late at night.  Right now there is always something to do and as the sun sets and I’m ready to call it a night, there are so many things that I am behind in and I just need to keep going.  But it’s so good.  And I’ve had some incredible conversations in the past few weeks with other people and their desires and journeys.  Amazing conversations and I just love it.  I’ve found so much Joy in this journey so far.  Did I say that I love it?

So at the end of the day when Dave and I finally get to have a decent conversation in, he’s sharing about his joy and I’m sharing about my joy and it honestly has created a wonderful bond in us that we have yet to experience in our 10 years of marriage.  Again, we are a part but so united in all the aspects of what God is calling us to do each and every day.  We are a team in every way and I must say that I love this team that is. It has been an amazing summer.