Well I don’t have a blueberry but the Norris family sure does!  Wanted to give a major shout out to Chad, Wendy, Sam and Ruthie on their surprise”, arriving in February.  They had decided that they were done and settled with 2 children when of course a third decides to make it’s arrival!  A little change in plans for them but they are thrilled.  When Wendy found out she was pregnant with Ruthie, I was able to go with her to her 6 week appointment since Chad was in his summer travel schedule and out of town and I again was honored to join her to check in on the little blueberry that is growing inside of her for their third time around.  I’m sure she’ll kill me for posting this picture since we both look like crap!  But oh well, I wanted to honor the occasion.  It was an important day. Any day you get to witness the miracle of life is a beautiful day!

Again Congrats!!!!