I have many issues but one of them is that once I start a project or start something I can’t rest until it is finished.  I know it’s a problem and I’ve been working on it but today well… I have issues and the issues won.

We have a few shrubs that are not doing well so with Dave and Emma gone I planned an afternoon to our local nursery with Izzie to find some new things.  (side note here: I love gardening, mowing, pulling weeds) I wish I knew more about plants but I don’t.  So I just act like I do and find things and take them home.  So I found three shrubs and loaded them in the van.  My plan was to unload them and tackle the project later this week when I had more time but oh no… can’t do that.  How could I go to sleep with out them being in the ground? So 2 hrs later I’ve single handily dug holes, removed old shrubs, planted new ones and watched an 18month old run around wildwhile I did it.  It’s now the end of the day and I really wonder what was I thinking?  The Advil is calling my name.  So what are your random issues?  Please don’t say I’m the only one! 🙂