my dad

Just wanted to give a shout out to my dad on fathers day today.  Dad, you are one unique, crazy, fun, special Father.   So here are my reasons for loving you so.

F – FUN – You are a fun dad.  Growing up you were always one of the kids.  I know us girls loved it.  Not sure mom ever appreciated it but one thing for sure is you were and are a fun person.

A – Admired – You’ve given your life to follow God and I admire that so much about you.  Through years of being a pastor to now working so hard to meet the needs of your family.  I Admire you.

T – Tuesdays – Because they are special days for our family.  Ever Tuesday we know it’s Papa day at our house and without fail you are there and loving on my kids.  What a blessing.  We love Tuesdays.

H – Handy – If I ever need something done around the house, I know who to call since I can’t call Dave!  I love that you are a handy man.  I loved building the tree house together for the kids!

E – Energy – How you work the hours that you do and still find time to do all you do amazes me.  I love that you are over 50 and still have energy to keep up with all of us. 

R – Real – No matter what… I know this to be true about you… You are real.  As real as they come.  And that makes me so proud to have you as my dad.  You being real has helped me so much in my journey through life.  Through growing up, questions, tuff times,  your realness inspired and continues to challenge me to live out my own dreams and try to be real myself.

I love you dad.  Happy Fathers Day!